Integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O with an external WMS




Prepare an integration of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP system with an external warehouse management system for exchanging key data between the two systems.

Our role

Preparation of comprehensive solution architecture. Development of integration software (an interface) to enable real-time exchange of data between the existing WMS and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Preparation of functionality scalability scenarios.


Preparation of a reliable and stable integration of two solutions: Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the existing warehouse management system.

Dystrybucja elektroniki

Thanks to our solution, the Customer may continue using the existing dedicated warehouse management software which they have been developing for a number of years, and at the same time enjoy the range of opportunities and functional potential offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365. Within 3 months, INLOGICA’s team of software architects and developers prepared an integration that ensures real-time synchronisation of data and support for all key warehouse operations (as requested by the Customer) in the existing WMS, with the entire order processing path from the financial perspective being handled via Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The implementation project was divided into 3 main stages. On every stage, another business unit of the Customer’s organisation was being moved to the new system. Initially, the number of warehouse operations processed amounted to several hundred per day. Currently, the operation volume stands at several thousand, and the target daily number of operations is going to be in the tens of thousands range. At the next stage of our cooperation, we are planning to implement INLOGICA’s proprietary solution – a mobile application for the management of the service network and stationary stores network operated by the Customer.

Our assistance:

Pre-implementation assessment,
Preparation of the solution architecture and implementation plan,
Software development work,
Preparation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 modifications,
Performance testing,
End-user support.

Project duration:

July – October 2019

Project features:

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