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Introduction to the system
Microsoft Dynamics 365
and the implementation process

Regardless of the size of your organization, the complexity of the business scenarios involved, or your team's experience, implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP is a significant organizational and financial challenge. This training is designed to give you the most essential information on how to carry out such a project.

Finances in
Microsoft Dynamics 365

Every business starts and ends with money, so regardless of the organization's size and the complexity of the business processes, a key challenge for companies is the practical work of financial and accounting teams. The basis for the effectiveness of their operations is knowledge of the system's capabilities on which they work.

Production in
Microsoft Dynamics 365

Regardless of the organization’s size in the manufacturing industry, efficiency in the use of assets, good planning, and ensuring business continuity are determinants of the productivity of the entire business and are also significant challenges. The training is designed to provide the most relevant information on handling production in Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP.

Logistics and storage with
Microsoft Dynamics 365

Optimal support and automation of inventory handling, warehousing, material sourcing, and supply chain logistics are critical tasks for companies involved in distribution and manufacturing. The training is designed to provide the most relevant information on handling areas related to logistics and warehousing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP.

Microsoft Dynamics
Development – X++ programming

Support and development of the Microsoft Dynamics system is one of the priority tasks of IT departments in companies that have decided to launch it. The development of the organization in which the system operates changes in the business environment, or legal conditions generate the need for rapid and agile implementation of changes within this tool. The training we have prepared will allow you to transfer our experience to your IT team.

Using Microsoft SharePoint
in teamwork

Microsoft SharePoint is a perfect solution for teamwork. Coordinating work, exchanging, archiving documents, and communicating among company members is straightforward using the SharePoint platform. This training aims to teach a user how to use SharePoint in the form of the company’s intranet.

Microsoft Dynamics is cool!
Learn how to improve system speed in your Company

ERP system Microsoft Dynamics is a structure that multidimensionally supports processes in organizations. As the volume of data handled increases, the functionality tree expands, growth of user’s number etc. there may appear to be a performance challenges of this tool. Within this training, we will show you how to care for the user, make modifications, and use the data bank to make the system run smoothly and provide the best support for your team and company.

Use your data with
Microsoft Power BI

In current business reality, working using different IT tools is a standard. With the increasing number of tools within an organization’s systems, challenges appear in building statements, correlation, or deep analyses that aggregate data from various sources. The answer is the Microsoft Power BI program. The goal of this training is to transfer critical information on the functionality of this tool.

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central
Learn about the system and implementation steps

Regardless of the size of your company, the complexity of your business scenarios, and the level of competence of your team, implementing Microsoft Dynamics Business Central ERP represents a significant challenge both organizationally and financially. The training aims to provide critical information on how to carry out this type of project.


Need more information about the training courses we offer? Check out the answers to the most common questions or contact us now.

Training takes place online in the Microsoft Teams application or onsite. Hybrid is also on the agenda. It all depends on the preferences of the participants. We will determine the form together when ordering.

Definitely yes. The training agendas are prepared mainly for novice users of Microsoft Dynamics 365. But also for those working on older versions of AX (Axapta), who are preparing to migrate to the latest version of the system or want to improve work efficiency. We also invite all teams who are at the stage of choosing an ERP system for their business, have never worked in Microsoft Dynamics 365 / Dynamics AX / Business Central / NAV or other such systems and want to learn about the capabilities of Microsoft products in this area.

Each training is divided into several thematic blocks. When discussing individual issues, the presenter (always an active consultant or programmer) will refer to practical business examples and experience in working with users of Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX systems. A question-and-answer session will conclude each thematic block.

  • Contact us: office@inlogica.com or +48 61 278 58 30
  • We will determine together which training will bring the greatest value to your team.
  • We will send you a short Order Form and a proposal of at least two training dates to choose from.
  • After you confirm your order, you will receive an invoice.

10 people is, in our opinion, the maximum number at which the training is most qualitative for participants. However, we do not exclude any option. Feel free to contact us. We will discuss what your needs are and suggest a suitable form.

Training prices regardless of the number of participants are calculated for groups of 10 people. In this case it will be the cost of 4900 PLN net.

The training does not require any special preparation on the part of the participants, except of course a good attitude! Before the training, however, we encourage you to think about the topics that “hurt” users on a daily basis when working with Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX or other systems on which they currently work, and ask questions during the training so as to extract as much value as possible for your comfort and your business. We know from experience that often small and yet unknown to users “functionalities” of the ERP system or possible interactions with other Microsoft business tools (such as Office, Teams, Outlook) can effectively increase the efficiency and pleasure of working with the system.

As much as possible. Each training course is designed to bring valuable knowledge to participants that they can use in their daily work. If you are looking for practical knowledge in other areas of Microsoft Dynamics 365 than in our prepared agendas or in-depth workshops, please feel free to contact us. We will determine how we can support you. office@inlogica.com

Yes. Business Central is part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, in which we are experts. We can customize training agendas for current or future users of this system as well. Contact us and tell us what your needs are in this regard.

All you need is access to the Internet. The training takes place in the Microsoft Teams application. To join the meeting, just click the link from the invitation, which all trainees will receive well in advance to their email address.

We do not specify a minimum number of participants. It all depends on the demand in the team that would like to participate in our training.

It depends on your needs. When contacting us about training, we encourage you to indicate at least two convenient dates on which you would like to hold the training. As a rule, we manage to arrange meetings within 3-4 weeks at most from the order.

The training price does not include the cost of travel. Call or email us at office@inlogica.com and tell us what kind of training you are interested in and where you would like the training to take place. We will send you exact information about any additional costs.

The trainings are conducted exclusively by business practitioners – certified Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX consultants, architects and developers from INLOGICA, experienced in system implementations and development, as well as daily support of ERP users.

The invoice is issued after ordering the training. The payment term of the invoice is 7 days.

Do you have other questions about Microsoft Dynamics 365 training?

Not quite sure which training is the best choice for your team at the moment? Get in touch with us. We’ll advise. office@inlogica.com