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INLOGICA, specializing in running Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems, is an active company in the business solutions market. Our company provides a full range of services in designing, implementing, and supporting Microsoft Dynamics systems tailored to customers’ unique needs.

We ensure a successful launch according to our design methods and professional post-launch supervision!

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Stages of ERP system implementation

Stage I - Licensing

The first step will be to jointly prepare a license plan for the required activation rights, which will perfectly match the needs and tasks of the end user of the system. This will optimize subscription costs and accurately determine monthly or annual system maintenance expenses.

Step 2 - Installation and configuration of the environment

In this step, our team will prepare the architecture of the system environment for a smooth implementation.

Stage 3 - Pre-implementation analysis

Before we implement it, we look it over based on our team listening to your needs. This is an in-depth conversation or workshop with future system users to understand your organization entirely. We discuss aspects such as the specifics of your business, operational processes, interrelationships between different roles, and levels of responsibility. We also identify the types of documents that are recorded, their flow, and access needs, paying particular attention to the specific requirements of your industry.

Stage 4 - Implementation of the solution

Our consultants will configure the finished solution based on the data collected during the earlier stage and information obtained from system users.

We prepare modules including finance, sales, purchasing, and cash management. These setups form the basis of the system's operation and allow for posting transactions and generating reporting data. All functions are run considering current Polish laws, and their details are regularly talked about with your team.

We provide a ready-made testing environment, which allows you to verify the system's operation on your company's natural processes and data. This is also the perfect time to adjust the backend settings to ensure users' best usability and convenience.

Stage 5 - Modifications

The system configuration we will prepare with your team will allow you to start operations. Nevertheless, we understand that each organization is unique and may have specific needs. End users often request changes and adjustments when implementing ERP systems in companies.

It is optional to make all these changes at once. We allow end users to familiarize themselves with the ERP system and its essential functions. After receiving your request, our team collects feedback from end users and, based on this feedback, proposes modifications and customizations that meet their needs. The final decision to implement these changes remains with you.

Scope of our services

ERP implementations

Process analysis


Post-implementation support


Kalkulator Licencji Microsoft

ERP system licensing

You need the correct user licenses for an ERP system to work correctly. INLOGICA, as an implementation partner, offers comprehensive licensing at attractive prices. As a certified Microsoft partner, we provide original charges for products from this manufacturer.

Our offer includes licenses for various products such as

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ERP system training

An ERP system is a powerful application that supports a variety of business areas. Users familiar with its operation must take full advantage of its potential. For implementation partners, INLOGICA offers comprehensive training on the use of the system as part of the cost of implementation.

What makes our training unique?

Benefits of ERP implementation

The implementation of an ERP system is an essential step in the process of improving the management of a company. This investment brings with it several benefits that have a direct impact on business performance. Here are some of the key advantages associated with implementing an ERP system:

ERP system implementation costs

Implementing an ERP system is intended to streamline business processes, increase efficiency, and enable better strategic management of the organization. However, implementing an ERP system is an investment involving a variety of direct and indirect costs.

Direct costs:

Indirect costs:

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