Standardize planning with critical one/two scenarios


In a manufacturing plant, different departments use their planning strategies, which leads to inconsistency and difficulties in process management. This results in unnecessary strategy comparisons, which could be more efficient.


How can we implement a unified planning standard that governs all company processes, including MRP (Material Requirements Planning)?


Strategic Planning: OptiFlow allows you to set up one or two key planning strategies that can be implemented throughout the company. This tool will enable you to define standard scenarios to be used by all departments, ensuring consistency and efficiency.

Integrated processes: By standardizing planning using OptiFlow, all company processes, including MRP, will be regulated in a unified manner. This allows for better coordination and management of resources, eliminating problems caused by different planning approaches.

Automation and optimization: OptiFlow uses advanced artificial intelligence to automatically generate optimal production schedules. The tool analyzes data and proposes the best scheduling scenarios, allowing quick and efficient decision-making.

OptiFlow scheduling application

Optimize production planning schedules to perfection with artificial intelligence integrated directly into your Microsoft Dynamics Business Central ERP sytem.


Consistency and efficiency: Unified scheduling standards eliminate department discrepancies, leading to more consistent and efficient production management.

Improved resource management: Integrated processes allow the company to better manage resources, resulting in time and cost savings.

Rapid adaptation: Standardization enables faster adaptation to market changes, as all departments operate under the same planning scenarios.

Improved decision quality: AI analyzes data and generates optimal schedules, making decisions based on reliable information and improving decision quality.


Introducing a unified scheduling standard using OptiFlow allows a company to manage its production processes effectively. Standardization eliminates problems caused by different planning approaches, improving consistency and operational efficiency. As a result, the company can better manage resources and react faster to market changes, resulting in better competitiveness.

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