Investment in a new machine/production line


The company is negotiating with a new customer and wonders whether the production line occupancy rate of 80% will allow it to handle the increase in orders or whether an investment in a new machine is necessary. The current production load is high, and new orders may soon exceed the capacity of the current production line.


How can we optimize existing production processes to avoid costly investment in a new line while still ensuring the ability to handle increased demand without delays or order fulfillment problems?


Optimal scheduling: With the OptiFlow tool in place, we can set up production orders optimally, guaranteeing the ideal utilization of each production line. The company can increase production efficiency by reducing the number of changeovers and improving the “logic” of the order queue.

Artificial Intelligence: the OptiFlow tool is based on advanced artificial intelligence, which allows thousands of complex mathematical operations to be performed every second and, based on these operations, optimizes the arrangement of your orders. With OptiFlow, you can get a new production schedule even every few minutes. Modern cloud technologies provide the reliability and scalability to handle the most demanding tasks.

Optimal order sequencing: With OptiFlow, you can set production orders to maximize the use of each production line. The tool reduces changeovers and improves order queue logic, increasing production efficiency and better resource management.

Historical data analysis: OptiFlow enables the simulation of production plans with target changeover and cleaning times to assess the benefits of these changes. A typical Lean project is based on continuous improvement and using historical data to optimize processes.

OptiFlow scheduling application

Optimize production planning schedules to perfection with artificial intelligence integrated directly into your Microsoft Dynamics Business Central ERP sytem.


Better utilization of the existing production line: Improved efficiency without investing in a new machine. By optimizing production schedules, a company can maximize the use of its current resources.

Time and cost savings: Optimal order scheduling leads to more efficient resource use. You avoid the cost of purchasing a new machine and the cost of installing and training employees.

Production flexibility: Ability to quickly adapt production plans to changing market needs and customer demand. OptiFlow allows you to create and implement new production schedules on demand.

Ability to generate new production schedules on demand: The tool monitors and modifies schedules continuously, allowing you to respond quickly to changing production and market conditions.


With artificial intelligence and the ability to analyze various scenarios, the company was able to make an informed decision not to invest in a new production line. Several scenarios have already been explored, showing that the existing production lines would suffice. With proper optimization, the company could accommodate oversized orders without incurring the cost of large optimization projects, which are time-consuming and expensive. This means that investment in new lines is unnecessary at this stage.

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