Dividing supplies into smaller ones or diversifying suppliers/buyers


With low costs and changeover/clean-up times, the company can reduce the finished product produced for a given customer or use raw materials from different suppliers.


However, managing multiple small orders on different production lines for various finished goods is challenging. In addition, we are arranging these orders on a screen where only a slice of the production plan is visible, which can lead to scheduling errors.


Automatic Scheduling: OptiFlow automatically arranges production schedules, considering many small production orders on different lines. The tool analyzes all variables with advanced artificial intelligence and creates the most optimal production plans.

Full plan view: OptiFlow presents a holistic view of the production plan, eliminating the risk of errors caused by a limited view on the screen. The tool enables better management of orders and raw materials by showing the full production schedule.

Diversify suppliers and buyers: OptiFlow makes it easy to manage suppliers and buyers, allowing diversification of supplies and orders. This allows the company to manage risks better and respond flexibly to changing market conditions.

OptiFlow scheduling application

Optimize production planning schedules to perfection with artificial intelligence integrated directly into your Microsoft Dynamics Business Central ERP sytem.


Efficient management: Automating production order scheduling allows for more efficient management of resources and production processes.

Reduction of scheduling errors: Presenting a complete picture of the production schedule on the screen minimizes the risk of errors resulting from a limited view.

Increased flexibility: Diversification of suppliers and buyers and the ability to quickly adjust production plans to changing market conditions increases the company’s operational flexibility.

Optimal use of resources: Smaller production orders and better scheduling allow the company to optimize the use of its production lines and resources.


With OptiFlow, a company can effectively manage multiple small production orders, reducing the risk of scheduling errors and ensuring optimal resource use. Automation and diversification of suppliers and buyers allow for better risk management and operational flexibility. Contact us to learn how OptiFlow can improve your company’s efficiency and optimize production processes.

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