Maximizing OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency)


The company is trying to maximize the efficiency of its production lines by minimizing the time lost to cleaning and changeovers. Managing production sequences is complex and time-consuming, negatively affecting OEE rates. A solution is needed to enable more efficient production planning and improve resource utilization.


Arrange the queue of production orders to minimize cleaning and changeover time and maximize actual production efficiency.


Automatically optimize order sequences: OptiFlow, using advanced AI algorithms, perfectly calculates the optimal production order queue setting. The tool analyzes production sequences to minimize time lost to cleaning and changeovers, thereby increasing OEE.

Fast analysis and repeatability: The application’s algorithm runs very quickly, and the calculation results are repeatable. As a result, data can be fed into the optimizer without worry, saving time and increasing planning efficiency.

Lean management: The tool supports Lean activities, ensuring continuous improvement of production processes by optimizing schedules.

OptiFlow scheduling application

Optimize production planning schedules to perfection with artificial intelligence integrated directly into your Microsoft Dynamics Business Central ERP sytem.


Increased productivity: Optimization of the work order queue leads to better utilization of plant capacity, maximizing OEE.

Reduced downtime: Minimizing cleaning and changeover time allows for smoother and more efficient production.

Increased flexibility: Fast and repeatable analysis enables dynamic adjustment of production plans to meet changing needs.

Time savings: Automating the planning process eliminates the need to manually check and correct results, allowing you to focus on more strategic activities.


OptiFlow enables companies to maximize OEE through advanced algorithms that optimize the production order queue. The tool significantly increases plant productivity and efficiency by minimizing time lost to cleaning and changeovers. OptiFlow also supports Lean activities, enabling continuous improvement of production processes.

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