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Kim jest klient B2B
B2B customer, what does it mean?

Building solid B2B customer relationships is a key aspect of doing business that affects the sustainability and success of a company.

Co to jest system ticketowy
What is a ticketing system?

A ticket system, also known as a ticket system or ticketing system, is a digital tool used to manage and monitor inquiries or problems reported by customers or employees.

Czym jest Microsoft Copilot
What is Microsoft Copilot?

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, Microsoft Copilot represents a revolution in human-computer interaction.

Power Apps czym jest
What is Microsoft Power Apps?

Microsoft Power Apps is a tool created by Microsoft that allows you to create customized business applications.

System ERP, co to
ERP system, what is it?

The use of an ERP system enables effective management of company resources, automating and simplifying many business processes.

System ERP, co warto wiedzieć przed wdrożeniem
ERP system implementation

ERP implementation is the process of getting a company’s system set up and running to meet its unique business needs.

Krajowy system e-Faktur (KSeF) - czym jest i jakie zmiany wprowadza
KSeF – what is it?

The National e-Invoice System (KSeF) is a modern response to the growing demand for electronic document exchange in Poland. It is an official system designed to collect, process and share invoices electronically.

Co to jest JPK
What is JPK?

A JPK, or Standard Control File, is an electronic document containing information about transactions made by an entrepreneur.

Business Central Model implementation part 10/10
About us – Business Central

The INLOGICA team consists of programmers and consultants who have gained experience during projects related to the implementation and support of Microsoft software in many European countries and the USA.

Business Central Model implementation part 7/10
Stage 5 – Modifications Business Central

Stage 5Modifications(optional) Enabling the use of alternative accounts on invoices (customize the view by displaying additional fields to allow the use of the standard solution

Business Central Model implementation part 3/10
Stage 1 – Licensing Business Central

As part of the first stage, we will prepare, in cooperation with you, a map of the necessary licenses to be launched, whose functionalities will correspond to the responsibilities performed by the end users of the system.

ERP Business Central - Book 2/10
Business Central from 9900 EURO? Is this even possible?

Of course it is! We have proven it in practice. We have successfully implemented the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central system many times in 4 – 6 weeks in many organizations. And you will receive a ready to work system in such a timeframe!

KSeF i faktury ustrukturyzowane
KSeF and structured invoices

The KSeF and structured invoices will be mandatory in Poland from 1 January 2024 What is KSeF? KSeF is a central National E-Invoicing System. It

Microsoft CSP
CSP as the leading Microsoft software sales model

After 20 years, Microsoft is scrapping its Open Licence programme. Under the programme, customers – typically small and mid-sized businesses, government and educational institutions –

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