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Split payment

A Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX add-on designed for working with the Polish split payment schema. Vendor invoice disbursement is made into two bank accounts:

  • Net value – into the vendor’s bank account;
  • VAT – into the vendor’s reserved VAT bank account.
  • Marking vendor(s) who are to be included in the split payment schema
  • Generating payment proposals and identifying invoices which ought to be paid in accordance with the split payment schema
  • Copying data necessary to execute split payments from Microsoft Dynamics AX/ Microsoft Dynamics 365 into the exported files which are then transmitted into the electronic banking system and used by the bank to effect transfers
  • Security which results from compliance
  • Document validation
  • Shorter operation time
  • Process automation
  • Elimination of possible errors
Implementation time frame:


App features:
  • Security
  • Data exchange
  • Integration
  • Automation
  • Time optimisation
  • Data verification

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