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Solution for generating JPK single audit files according to the logical structure templates published by Poland’s Ministry of Finance. JPK structures available in the module:

  • JPK_VAT (VAT register) SAF-T schemes (1)/(2)/(3)
  • JPK_FA (customer (sales) invoices) SAF-T schemes (1)/(2)/(3)
  • JPK_KR (accounting ledgers)
  • JPK_WB (bank statements)
  • JPK_MAG (warehouse)
  • Generating JPK file data using the fields/ functions of the standard Microsoft Dynamics AX/ Microsoft Dynamics 365 version
  • Completion of fields of the standard Microsoft Dynamics AX/ Microsoft Dynamics 365 functionalities via setup tables in the JPK app
  • Option to review the generated data before exporting it into XML files
  • A versioning add-on makes it possible to select a suitable SAF-T scheme version in the JPK file generating process
  • Security which results from compliance
  • Document validation
  • Shorter operation time
  • Process automation
  • Elimination of possible errors
A screenshot example
JPK aplikacja
Implementation time frame:


App features:
  • Security
  • Data exchange
  • Integration
  • Automation
  • Time optimisation
  • Data verification

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