Avoiding extra shifts and working weekends


The company is experiencing a sudden increase in sales, which traditionally leads to the activation of extra shifts, weekend work, and a third shift. This practice results from long-standing custom and the bosses’ decision to assume that this is the only way to meet the increased demand.


How do you effectively manage increased production without involving additional work that generates additional costs and burdens employees?


Optimal Scheduling: OptiFlow uses advanced artificial intelligence to create production schedules that maximize line efficiency. The tool analyzes thousands of scenarios in real-time, suggesting the most efficient settings for production orders. This allows the company to adjust its production schedules every few minutes, ensuring flexibility and quick response to changes in demand.

Optimal alignment of production orders: OptiFlow, thanks to its artificial intelligence, arranges production orders optimally, helping maximize the potential of each production line (e.g., by reducing the frequency of changeovers). Better scheduling minimizes production interruptions, leading to smoother workflows and reduced costs associated with downtime.

Rapid adaptation: With OptiFlow, a company can dynamically adjust production plans in response to sudden changes in demand. The tool allows the simulation of various production scenarios, enabling informed decisions without the need to run additional shifts or work on weekends.

OptiFlow scheduling application

Optimize production planning schedules to perfection with artificial intelligence integrated directly into your Microsoft Dynamics Business Central ERP sytem.


Efficient use of resources: Optimized production schedules increase production lines’ efficiency, eliminating the need to commit additional shifts. The company can handle increased demand without further work, benefiting managers and employees.

Time and cost savings: Avoiding costs associated with overtime, weekend work, and extra shifts significantly reduces the company’s operating costs. OptiFlow allows better utilization of existing resources, resulting in financial savings.

Increased flexibility: The ability to quickly adjust production plans to changing market conditions makes the company more flexible and better able to respond to dynamic changes in demand. This, in turn, allows the company to remain competitive.


Thanks to advanced artificial intelligence and the ability to analyze different scenarios, the company avoided starting additional shifts and working on weekends while satisfying sales growth. Analysis of various scenarios showed that proper optimization of production processes allows efficient production management without extra costs. As a result, the company could accommodate larger orders without burdening its employees or generating additional operating costs.

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