OptiFlow scheduling application

Optimize production planning schedules to perfection with artificial intelligence integrated directly into your Microsoft Dynamics Business Central ERP sytem.

Opti-Flow Planowanie produkcji Opti-Flow Planowanie produkcji

Download data from
the ERP system

Compare plans and
choose the best one

AI will optimize
everything for you


An application that changes the approach to production planning.


It sounds like a planner's dream come true. And it actually is.


Something that used to take all day takes 10 minutes. Magic.

Create not one, but many scenarios.

The whole thing will take minutes - not hours or days.

Planowanie produkcji Business Central

Change parameters, add variables, specify routings

Set all the parameters your way.

Get data directly from your Business Central system

Get production orders from your
ERP system with one click

Move and rearrange orders freely
on the visual editor

Opti Flow Planowanie produkcji

You see all production orders,
on all lines

You also see all the details of individual orders
on one screen

Drag&drop method - freely move orders
on the chart

Freely rearrange the orders on the chart.
Both in time and on individual production lines

Opti Flow Planowanie produkcji

Everything works based
on your routings

The application has safeguards against
changing technology

Operate based on
unavailability schedules

Shut down specific production lines,
block individual orders

Full management of order details - changeover times, delays, start and finish.

Prioritize assignments, and block tasks that should not be changed for various reasons.

Full preview of production shifts. The system will automatically adjust to the shift system.

Choose a convenient
optimization scenario

Increase the efficiency of any production line by achieving previously unattainable operational perfection.

Michał Paluszczak, CEO INLOGICA

Produce as quickly as possible. The algorithm will analyze thousands of possibilities and choose the optimal one.

Don't stock the finished product. Produce it as late as possible and then ship it right away.

Create any scenario you want, tailored to your current situation.

Opti-flow Planowanie produkcji

Artificial intelligence
will do the work for you

Opti-Flow Planowanie produkcji

Excellent results in just minutes

Powerful computing power enables thousands of complex mathematical operations to be performed every second, made possible by modern cloud technologies and advanced servers that provide the reliability and scalability needed to handle even the most demanding tasks.

Compare, add, export

Make changes, compare plans and add production orders. Optimize plans as many times as you need. Then export the finished plan back to your Microsoft Dynamics Business Central ERP system. You'll see the changes immediately. That's it - you can start production based on a perfectly optimized schedule.

Make decisions based on historical data

All activities are stored in the system. Data-driven decisions can be made based on them.

Improve production processes with the ability to compare historical data.

Book a demo session

Find out how our app will revolutionize
Your planning process.

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