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Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI - what is it

Microsoft Power BI is an advanced tool for data visualization and analysis. It is one of the most popular programs for creating min: interactive reports and data-driven dashboards. Using the Power BI service, users can easily collect data from various sources, visualize it, and gain insights into key business metrics.

But what exactly is the Power BI service? It is an analytics platform connecting various databases, files, cloud services, and applications to extract relevant information. It offers multiple features, such as interactive visualizations, dynamic filters, intelligent tricks, and even advanced algorithms for data analysis functions.

The main component of the Power BI service is the Power BI Desktop App, which allows users to create advanced dashboards and reports. The program has an intuitive interface, allowing even people without in-depth programming knowledge to create advanced data visualizations. Data can be easily manipulated, reports can be reordered, and interactive elements can be added.

An essential aspect of the Power BI service is its integration with other Microsoft products. You can easily combine data with Excel spreadsheets and cloud services such as SharePoint or Dynamics 365. In addition, Microsoft is constantly developing Power BI, adding new features and capabilities, making it one of the most advanced data analysis tools available.

It should be noted that Power BI is not only a data analysis tool for business but can also be used in other areas, such as education or science. Wherever valuable information needs to be extracted from collected data, Power BI proves indispensable

Power BI - advantages and functionalities

Reporting with the PowerBI tool has been rated by users as the best product on the market. It is competitive both in terms of visuals and ease of use

Power BI implementation - INLOGICA

INLOGICA, a leading company that provides business applications, invites you to learn about Power BI implementation services. With this innovative data analysis platform, your company can realize the full potential of all records, gathering information on critical indicators and transforming them into business values.

Implementing a Power BI service is a complex process that requires careful planning and design. INLOGICA supports its clients at every stage of implementation.

The first step is to analyze your needs. Our team of experts will consult with you to fully understand your business goals, challenges, and data type you want to collect and analyze. This will allow us to customize a Power BI solution to meet your unique business needs.

We then move into the design phase. Our experienced team will develop a customized architecture for a Power BI solution perfectly suited to your needs. In this process, we take care of performance, scalability, and security to give you productivity and peace of mind.

The next step is to implement Power BI properly. Our team will ensure that all platform elements work flawlessly, providing a smooth data transition into valuable reports and visualizations. We emphasize training your employees so they can take full advantage of Power BI’s potential.

However, our role continues beyond the implementation stage. At INLOGICA, we also provide Power BI solution maintenance and after-sales support. We will monitor the platform’s performance, provide updates, and adapt it to the changing needs of your business.

Power BI - price

The price of Power BI depends on several factors that consider the user’s needs and size. For starters, it is worth noting that there is a free version of Power BI that offers basic features and capabilities. This is an excellent option for single users or smaller companies that want to explore the tool’s potential before a complete implementation.

For more advanced needs, there is Power BI Pro, which requires a monthly or annual subscription fee.

The Power BI Premium service is available for larger companies needing an enhanced BI solution. This option offers greater scalability, dedicated memory, optimized performance, and extensive collaboration capabilities. The Power BI Premium service costs more than the Power BI Pro service.

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