Comprehensive support: from pre-implementation assessment to modifications, personalisation and deployment.

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Replace the legacy tool, adapt the JPK module (a module for Polish SAF-T submissions) to fit the specifics of the Customer’s system operations, streamline the data reporting and verification process, reduce the time needed to generate data, and enable reporting in compliance with the new requirements by the Polish Ministry of Finance.

Our role

Comprehensive support: from pre-implementation assessment to modifications, personalisation and deployment. The scope of our assessment included the processes, methods of data recording, and data sources necessary to produce a JPK report in the Customer’s system.


Within a short time-span, we implemented a system which handles over one hundred thousand of invoices per month. This has enabled our Customer to report data to the Polish Ministry of Finance in the required time-frame and format. We modified the tool to fully suit our Customer’s needs, which resulted in shorter data output times and improved work efficiency thanks to additional tools for data verification prior to sending the files to the Ministry of Finance.


Our collaboration with Oknoplast coincided with the introduction of mandatory changes in the structure of the JPK standard audit file for businesses by the Polish Ministry of Finance. Our assignment covered comprehensive software development services: starting from the pre-implementation assessment, through programming and customising the new JPK module within the existing Microsoft Dynamics AX system, to its modifications.

The Customer decided to implement our module because our solution generates data faster, and is additionally optimised to offer improved user experience. We completed our assignment within a short lead time, having performed a full deployment. At the Customer’s request, we also did some personalisation and adjustment work on the Dynamics AX 2012 system.

The implemented solution allows efficient submission of filings with the Polish Ministry of Finance and tax offices and is in full compliance with the mandatory requirements, thus shortening the time before confirmation of the accuracy of settlements is received. The module is equipped with mechanisms for checking the content of the catalogue at the invoicing level and for entering secondary adjustments after a filing is generated. This makes the process way more efficient than the standard procedure. Enterprises which use that system can perform the required operations in a more effective manner.

A sequel to the project consists in the implementation of the JPK Delivery add-on, which enhances the existing solutions by e.g. a possibility to use the electronic signature and automatic sending of .xml files directly from the system to Poland’s Ministry of Finance’s system, and to track and download the UPO certificates of receipt.

Our assistance:

Pre-implementation assessment,
System design,
Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 deployment and modifications.

Project duration:

October – November 2020

Project features:

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