Reports on payment practices and performance functionality for Microsoft Dynamics 365/ AX

Due to changes in Polish legislation which came into force as of 1 January 2021, some businesses are now obliged to report on payment practices and performance.

Following significant demand from Microsoft Dynamics 365/ AX users, the INLOGICA team have developed a solution which supports, facilitates and automates the process of generating data required to compile the report.

The functionality will be available in two variants: standard and extended ones.

The standard version makes it possible to generate, directly from the Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX system, the financial data necessary to submit the annual report on payment practices and performance in commercial transactions via the platform.

The extended version, in addition to the basic function of generating report data, also enables regular monitoring of payment backlogs, shielding the business against crossing the statutory “excessive payment delays” threshold.

The user is free to define system rules, the violation of which will trigger a system alert, thus minimising the risk of involuntary exposure to the consequences drawn by Polish authorities.

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