7 Basic mistakes made in implementations ERP Microsoft Dynamics 365

Knowledge gained from over 20 years of experience and implementations of Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX for the largest companies in Poland and Europe allows us to identify the seven most basic mistakes made during the performance of these systems.

Today we would like to present them to you so that you can avoid them in your own company.

No schedule

The framework schedule allows you to control the budget, the course of implementation, and, ultimately, the success of the works. Failure to develop without estimating costs, the deadline for performance, and the inability to assume a time and financial reserve involves a high risk of performance. And this no one desires. Both on our side, as well as on each customer’s side.

Model implementation schedule for Microsoft DynamicsBusiness Central in the financial and accounting area

Sample implementation schedule Microsoft Dynamics

A refined schedule gives comfort in planning and carrying out the implementation.

It allows you to assign the right specialists to the work, as well as preparing for possible problems and their solution.

The schedule is strongly related to the work methodology in which the implementation is carried out.

INLOGICA, for example, implements work in agile methods, such as SCRUM.

A logically designed schedule increases the internal discipline of all involved in the implementation/project. It allows the team to work without time pressure, which naturally translates into productivity.

Inlogica Separator

A good schedule allows you to monitor the progress of the work in real-time at every stage.

Inlogica Separator

That’s why it’s crucial for implementation to reserve places in the schedule where we can check the progress of the work.

Optimally, this should occur every week or two, depending on the task.

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When creating a framework schedule, a vital prerequisite is to plan it together – the contractor and the customer. This is essential for the success of the implementation.

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