Over-creativity – Mistake 3 – ERP D365 implementations

Over-creativity (so-called whims)

Before starting the implementation process, it is worthwhile – and even necessary – to learn about the capabilities and application of a modern ERP system. Will it be helpful, and to what extent is the company ready for it, is this “the moment” for such an investment?

The answers to the questions posed may bring a pre-implementation analysis or constructive consultation with specialists from implementation company.

If the decision is “yes,” the next step is a discussion of the needed functionalities.

Why? Because one of the main mistakes, and thus, the brakes on implementation are “whims” that arise in the course: – “and it used to work like this…” “and let’s make another such functionality…”

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Microsoft has 2 core ERP solutions: Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. Each of these solutions is aimed at a different group of customers.

Before starting work, you can verify which groups you find yourself in.

Start, for example, with Business Central for the Department of Finance, instead of immediately “throwing yourself” at Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Sometimes the step-by-step method more quickly will take a company to the finish line than starting a marathon implementation without adequate preparation and “over the top

It is only worth investing in solutions out of the box if we are convinced, they will improve system performance. There is not also make sense in leaving something out of pure sentiment because “it’s always been this way…”.

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A new solution should and can be tailored to the specific enterprise. Prior identification of the needed functionalities (this has to do with the prepared framework schedule) will enable effective optimization of costs and implemented solutions.

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A helpful but often overlooked step by clients is to examine whether each company area needs a “modernization” of the system. But, whether in every department: finance, production, warehouse, or sales – it will work, and so will need an ERP system, and which of its variants will be optimal.

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