Confidence shaken – Mistake 5 – ERP D365 implementations

Confidence shaken

Any cooperation is based on relationships. Often of various types: business, partnership, courteous, social, and collegial. It tends to be, that one of the evoked is involved, and it happens that all of them are together.

Either way, the basis of fruitful cooperation on the customer-implementation company line is “good relations.” “Chemistry” is expected, ideally when “something sparks” between the Customer and the contractor. Because when there is good cooperation, the best results are worked out. This is a truism – a fact. But it still works.

Good relations are built not only on trust but also on mutual respect.

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Respect for one’s and others’ work makes it possible to avoid misunderstanding. And if this is accompanied by an elementary knowledge of the scope of work of a programmer, then the job “goes like butter.” Then we will not hear comments like: “adding one column to a table, after all, cannot take a good programmer of more than 15 minutes” etc., etc.

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Building friendly relationships is helped by proven and good practices in communication:

  • it is always worth speaking clearly and directly
  • it’s not worth “wrap out”; there is no point in diluting the message
  • it is best to appreciate the whole team’s work to ensure the message is complete
  • it is necessary to keep the given promises
  • and, above all, respect each other’s time spent and the job done

Two parties must trust each other. Maybe not boundless, but at a decent level.

Both the client and the implementation contractor know their job, do it professionally, so it is enough to let the specialists quietly work, and sometimes try not to disturb them. Each stage they finish, they will certainly discuss with the client, i.e., with the people appointed to do so.

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The partnership allows for free and clear communication of the status of the work. Lack of agreement and understanding affect the time implementation deteriorates the friendly atmosphere cooperation.

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It is impossible to implement a program – especially with such a complex system – anything in 15 minutes. The work consists of various activities. In addition to pure programming there are hours of testing, consulting, and documentation…

People and relationships/interactions matter more in the work of implementation teams/companies than processes and systems. This is because people from both business sides implement strategies and techniques.

If there is no agreement between them, problems can arise during implementation.

Cooperation always starts with mutual understanding and trust.

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