VAT Payer Verification add-on for Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX

VAT Payer Verification is a Microsoft Dynamics AX add-on available for system versions AX 4 and 2012.

The Polish Ministry of Finance makes the VAT Payer Register available on their website so that members of the public can verify the VAT registration status of businesses. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to obtain a confirmation whether a counterparty is registered for VAT (is an “active” VAT payer). In response to the demand from Microsoft Dynamics AX users, the INLOGICA team have developed a solution to check the VAT registration status directly from the system level.

The VAT Payer Verification add-on validates the customer’s/ vendor’s status in Poland’s Ministry of Finance’s database using the Polish tax identification number (NIP), or in the European Commission’s VIES database for cross-border EU transactions.

The functionality optionally enhances the financial journal, invoice journal and purchase order journal posting processes. If the system determines that the counterparty has the “inactive” status during the VAT payer validation process, the posting of the invoice will be aborted and the user notified about the reason for aborting the posting with an appropriate message.

It is also possible to check the status of an individual counterparty by initiating the verification process at the vendor/ customer account level.

The VAT Payer Verification add-on has settings which make it possible to:

  • determine the verification validity period
  • determine in which windows the function is to be visible
  • define the validation mode for individual journals
  • define the validation mode during the posting of purchase orders.

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