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What is Microsoft Power Apps

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Application of Power Apps in importing data from Excel – example

Description of the application

The application is designed to automatically import data from Excel and present it to the user in an easy-to-read form.

Source of data

The application’s data source is an Excel spreadsheet stored in the Microsoft OneDrive cloud. Example data presenting statistics of website positioning – SEO:

Tabela Excel z danymi
Excel data table

The data entered in the sheet is automatically retrieved by Power Apps. The data in the sheet must be stored as a table.

App Appearance

The layout of elements and colors can be fully configured according to users’ needs. You can use ready-made templates or give your styles.

Wygląd aplikacji Power Apps
Data preview and range selection

The user selects the date range from which to display the data. Only those in the sheet will be displayed

Navigation buttons

The application has buttons that allow the user to switch between views containing graphs of individual data

Wykres w Power Apps
Chart based on data

The view above shows a graph of the data in the indicated year by month


The presented application is only a substitute for Microsoft Power Apps’ solutions. The possibilities are endless. How our applications will be given depends primarily on the goals and requirements we set for ourselves.

Author of the text: Maksymilian Śniegocki

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