What is an export invoice?

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Co to jest faktura eksportowa

An export invoice is a commercial document issued by a seller when selling goods or services outside the country. It is the basic export document that confirms the international transaction and specifies the terms of sale, including prices, quantities, and product specifications. The export invoice is necessary for customs clearance and tax settlement in both the exporter’s and importer’s countries. A properly issued export invoice avoids problems with customs authorities and ensures tax compliance.

The difference between an export invoice and a European invoice

An export invoice is different from a European invoice, which is used for trade within the European Union. The European invoice, also known as an intra-community invoice, is used for transactions between EU member countries. The main differences between the two types of invoices are:

How to issue an export invoice

Issuing an export invoice requires diligence and compliance. Here are the steps to take:

Jak wystawić fakturę eksportową

Exporting goods and VAT

When exporting goods outside the European Union, these transactions are exempt from VAT. To take advantage of this exemption, it is necessary to meet certain conditions and have the appropriate documents to confirm the export of goods. The most important documents include:


An export invoice is a crucial document in international trade that differs from a European invoice in terms of taxes, customs clearance, and required information. Issuing such an invoice requires diligence and compliance with the laws of both the exporter’s and importer’s countries. Goods exported are exempt from VAT, which requires the appropriate documents to confirm the export. With a properly drafted export invoice, businesses can avoid problems with customs and tax authorities, which is crucial for smooth international transactions.

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