Stage 1 – Licensing Business Central

Stage 1

As part of the first stage, we will prepare, in cooperation with you, a map of the necessary licenses to be launched, whose functionalities will correspond to the system’s end users’ responsibilities. This will enable optimizing subscription expenses and accurately determining the monthly or annual costs of maintaining the system.

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In addition, we will introduce you and your team to our Microsoft Dynamics Business Central implementation methodology. We will prepare the necessary contracts to start the work, the schedule, define the project team, and the details of reporting the result. We will also discuss possible risks and their consequences. This will ensure the process goes smoothly and is understandable and transparent to each party.

This step generates no cost on your side!

The Business Central solution is available in variants:

Base licenses

Additional licenses

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The detailed scope of functionality that eachlicense covers is presented below.

EssentailsFinance, sales, purchasing, warehouse, CRM, human resources, project management
PremiumMicrosoft Dynamics Business Central Essentials functionalities + manufacturing, service
Team MemberUsers with limited access to functionality
DeviceDevice license

In addition, for each instance of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, it is possible to run three free licenses with access to functionality:

External AccountantMicrosoft Dynamics Business Central Essentials or Premium functionalities, except access to user configuration and administrative tasks

Certified local solutions have been prepared for the Polish market for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central licenses:

The detailed range of functionalities covered byeach license is presented in the table below:

Polish LanguagePolish language layer of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central system
Polish Localization + Polish Language
Solution for adapting Microsoft Dynamics Business Central system to legal and accounting requirements under Polish regulations + Polish language layer of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central system

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As part of the fee for the base licenses (Essentials andPremium), we offer a free launch of the Polish Localization +Polish Language license. The standard cost is €10 peruser/month. These licenses are delivered as subscriptions,so they are constantly updated to comply with Polishregulations

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The prices presented above are starting proposals by themanufacturer’s official price list. As the number of orderedlicenses increases, prices can be negotiated.

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The prices presented above take into account monthly settlements. In case of payment in annual mode, the cost of a license is ten times the monthly fee. Thus, it is possible to adjust the price every year by 16.6% (~2 months free of charge).

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