Arbitrary decision making – Mistake 4 – ERP D365 implementations

Arbitary decision making

The echo of this “error” has already appeared in the points above. And as in the earlier descriptions, it is worth recalling what is at the heart of the implementation, that is a framework schedule.

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When we plan the functionalities, we want to implement, we need to define them together with representatives of all departments having contacting and working with the tool in question.

Ideally, this “brainstorming” should involve team/department managers participate. However, before this happens, managers should know the potential expectations and possible problems “their people.”

Before they take part in the brainstorming, it would be good for them to know how they can improve the work in their teams and what they should obtain at the end.

Such an “internal communication path” is critical and essential for another reason. The idea is that everyone on the team has the same state of knowledge about the implementation.

The team leader communicates to the others the key findings. So that there is no uncomfortable situation of someone making an arbitrary decision that no one else knows about. Such an action may result in complications in implementation, additional unnecessary costs, and sometimes nervous movements or even unpleasant consequences.

The internal circulation of information helps keep the course of the performance according to the established schedule without unforeseen deviations.

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