Stage 5 – Modifications Business Central

Stage 5

So that you know – the system configuration we will prepare with your team is enough to start operational work.

However, we know that every organization is different and has individual needs, and when launching an ERP system in enterprises, end-users make demands for changes and modifications.

The above list illustrates examples of modifications along with the estimated time required to prepare them. We are committed to ensuring that the system’s end users have an impact on the elements that can improve the ergonomics and efficiency of their daily work.

Worth remembering
Proposals INLOGICA

Not all modifications need to be implemented right away.Could you allow end users to familiarize themselves withMicrosoft Dynamics Business Central and its standardfunctionalities? At a time that was agreed upon with you, ourteam will collect feedback from end users and, based onthis, propose changes and modifications to meet their needs.The final decision to implement them is up to you.

It is common practice to implement modifications within theframework of a support contract, which we propose toconclude after the essential part of the work is completed.

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