Stage 3 – Pre-implementation analysis – Business Central

Stage 3
Pre-implementation analysis

A pre-implementation analysis is when our team listens to you. It’s a detailed conversation/workshop with future system users, during which we would like to get to know and understand your organization as well as possible.

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Among other things, we discuss the specifics of the company’s operations, the processes operating in the company, and the relationships between roles and responsibilities. We also determine the types of documents to be recorded, the circulation of these documents, and reporting needs – with a particular focus on the specific needs of your industry.

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An essential part of the pre-implementationanalysis is to determine the feasibility ofobtaining output data, its sources, and the formin which it is provided for evaluation andmigration planning.

The purpose of the analysis is to collect data anddetermine guidelines for settings:

To facilitate the work as much as possible, theconversation and the transition to the centralpart of the project, we provide a documenttemplate that allows you to easily and quicklyfeed the Microsoft Dynamics Business Centralsystem with data for objects in the next step:

The information you receive allows you to begin configuring the Business Central system.

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