MRP System – what it is and how it differs from ERP System

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System MRP - co to jest i czym sie różni od systemu ERP

MRP (Material Requirements Planning) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems are vital tools that support resource management in companies. Although both software categories aim to optimize processes, there are fundamental differences between them. The choice between an MRP and an ERP system depends on the specifics of a company’s business. An MRP system focuses on efficient material planning, while ERP offers a broad spectrum of functions, integrating the entire company and supporting its growth in a dynamic business environment.

MRP systems - what are they?

An MRP system is a tool that focuses on managing the materials required for production. It analyzes the need for raw materials, components, and finished products and then plans their purchase or production. MRP supports precise warehouse management and eliminates the risk of shortages or excess materials.

ERP Systems - what are they?

ERP systems are advanced solutions that integrate different areas of a company’s operation, such as finance, human resource management, production, or logistics. It runs on a single platform, which allows for the effective exchange of information between departments.

Critical differences between ERP and MRP

Scope of functions

MRP: focuses mainly on planning and managing materials in manufacturing processes.

ERP: covers a broader range of functions, integrating the areas of finance, human resources, production, logistics, customer service, and more.


Application area

MRP: focuses on production management, especially in the context of material supply.

ERP: it is used throughout the enterprise, covering a variety of business processes.



MRP: less complex, focused on a specific material planning function.

ERP: typically, more complex and comprehensive, supporting the company’s overall management.

Kluczowe różnice między ERP, a MRP

Advantages of using an MRP System

Advantages of Using an ERP System

When is it worth choosing an MRP system vs. when it is an ERP system?

MRP system:

ERP system:

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