Are you wary of remote work? No need to be. Cloud PC has arrived!

A new Microsoft Windows 365 service has been available to business users in Poland for a few days now – it is a fully cloud-based computer. The service consists in the streaming of the Windows system with the entire content – applications, settings, data – from Microsoft’s cloud onto any device, in a secure way.

It appears that Microsoft 365 is the perfect response to the new remote and hybrid work reality.

If you happen to work from any location and on any device, you no longer need to bother about keeping your system and apps up to date, or about the accessibility and security of your work results. You can now easily switch between your laptop, tablet and phone. Conveniently and effortlessly.

Windows 365 is available in the following versions:

  • Business for small and mid-sized enterprises (up to 300 users)
  • Enterprise for larger businesses.

You can select the most cost-effective subscription version to suit the number of virtual machines, memory demand, additional services required by your organisation.

Take part in the real technological revolution and enjoy a full Windows experience via Cloud PC!

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